Friday, March 14, 2008

spring break came and went by like a 30 second silent film.

my solo trip to LA was fun, got to relax but not fully. too many new things. i spent my week with my best friend and his friends and of course, my teddybears. :)
lots of intense-ness that i had to go thru. i didnt find it intense until i came back. competition with his new friend - though like ive said, i didnt realize until the last day. jealousy was something i felt and fear of being faded in my best friend's circle of friendship. but oh well, like everyone says, i guess time goes on.

these days, ive been sleep deprieved and stress. the only person who makes me feel stress-free is my friend from Holy Cross. He takes me out to starbucks to listen to what i have to say (more like venting) and he also takes me racing with his volks sedan.

other than that, i was surprised my parents didnt scold me like i thought they would about my secret trip to LA. but my brother is very jealous about me tripping around. feel sad. but i needed it. im sure i wont be travelling as much though from now on, i have to get serious about my classes.

my class today got cancelled so im really happy. got time to have a nice long hot shower and make myself a bacon-egg brunch.

i went to have an interview with this new company called "goSwoop". to be honest, i want this internship. would be a great experience, really. being able to help others is always a good thing, makes me feel like ive accomplished something. also making someone else's day better. i was taught well by my family and i have enough time to do everything i want.
i have another interview with 2 other "goSwoopers" on sunday. Wow, sunday... -_- hopefully I can wake up on time

this weekend, im going to Waltham to sleep-over my friend's place and im so excited <3>

TA was fun, interesting i have to say. Ive been traumatized by them (just 2 of them) from 2 weeks ago, but then during the TA, they are under my control, theyre like dices rolling around my palm

today's been warm. im happy. weekend, here i come <3

"the matching tiffanys will keep the friendship living forever" and lets just hope that it wont be living on a thin thread.