Saturday, June 28, 2008


So my classes are about to end, I am packing my things ready-ing to return to where I call home . . . . Philippines and Japan.

My best friend is back from the west after a tiring long road trip and my other best friend is in Waltham- which is in between Woo and Boston.

So we met up :) all three of us and just chilled the night away - or so it was planned.
However, since Boston City is being such a putangina and stripping the roads, the manholes popping out from weird places and it was just disasterous. So, the one-too-many manholes resulted in my friend's car's front tire to burst. So we called the dealership and what not and we got the towing truck to come - or so we thought.
Nicely, the towing truck driver "refused" to come pick us up. After waiting hours, we finally got hold of a towing company. sigh. we waited for like at least 5hrs in commonwealth ave.
so that was the adventure, it was pretty interesting but i was kinda falling asleep while i was in the car waiting for the tow truck.

sigh, im so tired, but yea i shouldnt sleep now - i wanna watch snl kasi.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

End of summer session

Summer classes are ending next week, whoa.
Summer was pretty quick well, only 6 weeks of classes so I guess it was short.

Twice a week, from 6pm to 9:30pm, I would sit in one class, then the next day I would do the same. I took 2 classes - both Sociology. They were pretty interesting i must say. Ive been enjoying the class too much that I think i might take more sociology classes next semester!

The ironic thing is that I took two 200+ level courses before taking the mandatory intro course which I am planning to take next sem (fall).

Anyways, enough of school talk, I recently moved into my new apartment which is 5 minutes away from campus by walk. Which isnt bad, but let's see what will happen when it starts snowing massively.

I still need to get furniture such as a side table so I can put in some stuff. I also need a mini desk (like a short short small coffee table) that will cover up all the nasty medusa-like wires thats going everywhere in the room. So far, I have a bed and a bookshelf which I built by myself and Im kinda proud of it.

Now that I have my own tv, Ive been watching Eurocup. I just finished watching Portugal vs Germany. Nicely Germany won and I was very dissapointed with Ronaldo. but oh well.....

In less than 2 weeks, I'm leaving here, for Philippines and for Japan, kinda excited but not the plane ride. I wanna go to 6 Flags before going thou because my best friend told me that he'll take me once he gets back. He just started his road tripping across the country, which Im really excited and worried about. Its his second time doing this, but still kinda worried.

Anyways, yea, nothing much. I should start doing one of my paper.