Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello There, 2009

First post of the year.
I know I'm like 27 days late but hey, Chinese new year just past so i guess it doesnt matter?
Not that I follow the Chinese new year or the lunar calendar... but anyways

so yes, nothing much is going on. ive been going thru lots of different phases recently. moving away from the philippines, my financial crises, my so on and so forth.
since i got back from the philippines, ive been so busy with work and more work. hahaha. but im enjoying it. keeps me somewhat occupied from the sad phases i go thru. I made new friends too.
and my bestfriend and i are spending more time together to catch up on the things we missed and ignored last semester so i think thats a good thing :D im really happy hehehe
other thna that, i jsut came back from the library after being scolded by my brother for "wasting his time" trying to recover my lost files....
the library visit was really fun though. i walked back with two of my roomies and one of my roomie's bf - walking at night here is reaaaaly dangerous but since he was there and since we were walking as a grp, we didnt fear anything. well except for the cold...

i recently purchased a new comforter and a pillow. makes me happy.
small things make me happy. but small things make me sad as well.

other thna that, nothing much really.
my everyday life is so occupied that im already very sleep deprieved.

well i'll end my post here for today.