Thursday, February 21, 2008

sleep deprieved with sleeping pills.

6th week of school is about to end soon, tomorrow, after my discussion, i will be done with this week.
then midterms...ugh.

ive been popp'n sleeping pills these days and its helping me but i feel extra weak for some reason, maybe i shudnt even bother taking them.
i feel like im so sleep deprieved, really. i missed my class this week, yet again and im like fuck. but oh well. cant go back time.

i am currently hooked onto: Bomb Bee Men! (binbo danshi) its so funny i think but annoying at the same time, Shun Oguri is cute but can get so ... ugh-fying.
tomorrow is friday, lets hope my friday goes well. i have japanese and japanese TA, then i have research methods then i have ws discussion. i usually dont have anything after research methods but bleh.

the eclipse last night wasnt as great of a thing...i was expecting something more grand and memorable. maybe the weather was too cold huh? bleh. i hate this cold weather. my sheeps hasnt seen sunlight (fake one too) in so long. i shud wear them starting tonite.

sometimes i find myself staring blankly at space and my vision blackens. i hate it. been going on for ages now, i thought it was my sleep-deprived-ness but then i dont know. maybe im really tired? :s
i want sleep. i need sleep.

spring break here i come, i cant wait i cant wait. =) but when im over there for spring break, i will be working my ass off ... i have to work on my literature paper, my research proposal, readings for my ws..... ugh

bleh. i shud take a nap before going out later.
i am done with all my hwk thats due tomorrow. so yeaaa~~ bleh. shrugs. i shalst sleep soon. a nap that is. lol. tv can get so fun but annoying. i find everything so annoying.... everything...everyone.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

not much not much

the fifth week of school just ended and i am burnt out like a dying cig cherry.

i just came back from the hill and it was fun. my friend dropped me off <3
at hill, my friends and i watched two movies - "I am Legend" and my favorite american animation, "Madagascar". (Madagascar 2 is coming out soon toooooo!! cant wait cant wait.)

other than that, not much is going on, just more chilling and chilling. ive been too tired lately. had two all nighters this week - monday and friday. kinda sucks but yea tell me about it -_-

so valentines day is over and im really glad. why? because many ppl asked me how my valentines day was. kinda sucks for a single but then theres lotsa advantages of being single i guess - not in a slut way.

ugh, my weekends these days are just so intense - i spend about 20 bucks per weekend on cabs. ugh. and i just got scolded for using so much.... if only i had a car but then a car would cost me more anyways. so i guess i'll stick on cabs lol. having fun is priceless and memorable. unless i have awkward situations with ppl i had things with.
well this weekend was good. lotsa socializing.

tomorrow is sunday (or technically speaking today) and i am planning to do some readings done for monday and tuesday and wednesday. i need grades better grades. argh
midterms are coming up already and i hate it.

but on the brighter side, i get to see my bestfriend very soon <3>

argh. i hate this weather i get sick so easily. bleh.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

exile love

my latest addiction: exile.
theyre just hot, simply hot and fun. i love their songs and their PVs. ~~
my fav song right now is "kanata kara koko e" and "michi", "lovers again" is still the best thou.

ive been sick since last saturday and not feeling 100%well. kinda sucks.
today is chinese new year. my roomie and i heard fireworks last night as the clocks ticked 12mn. but it was raining so hard so i dont think the fireworks came out nicely.

in the morning, i woke up when my roomie woke me up. she went for work while im just chilling, wasting time listening to exile and replying to facebooks. im so tired, really.

my best friend called and he was kinda cold so i feel down. :(
sigh. we all have ups and downs i guess.

speaking of ups..--> USP lol i duno where that came from but yea, my noise cancelling headphones are coming. im so happy and excited!!!
its snowing outside and today, i only have one class but i have so many errands to run. how great. thank god tomorrow is friday, really. im in desperate need of a break already. im already breaking apart.

bleh. so yea thats that and thats it for now i guess. my brother scolded me and nothing new.
i feel sad.