Thursday, April 17, 2008

slow death of spring semester 08

exams are coming up and of course, graduation of the seniors. I never thought graduation of seniors would affect me. But a classmate of mine gave me her invitation to the commencement. I felt kind of sad.

spring approaches and the sun is flaring up. global warming occuring as many malnourished children and women of rural Africa and Southeast Asian suffer every day. what can we do to help?
If only I can change their lives for the better in a global scale, i wont ask for more.

the water in our basins drying up just like the blood, that i feel is wasted, splattering everywhere around Iraq. Innocent elders, innocent children getting killed right in front of their friends, families, and countrymen. How much more does people have to suffer from this time, money and life consuming war? Why can't people agree to one thing and compromise? News taking away breaths and a heart skipping a beat or two of parents, relatives, friends, children, lovers as the face picture of the brave soldiers are shown for 10 seconds on the screen. News anchors emphasizing on "brave" a couple of times - i do agree, another life wasted in a useless war. why isnt the UN doing anything? what has gotten into peoples' minds?!

i am cynical, i hate this world. the men dominating world just annoys me. as a japanese, i was taught that women should just stay quiet and peaceful. and i am internally rebelling slowly turning externally. i know i am cynical and a rebellion. is there a problem? like ive said, i do hate this world. how can i love this world if people are fighting over meaningless things? and innocent people suffering wanting to live a second longer...
if only the war ends and with the money they different countries have put in the war, should go to the malnourished people and help them live just another day longer, a week, to a month then to a year, then to a decade and then to a century....

this planet is becoming a toxic waste site in the universe. women and children that are not given enough mobility are the ones suffering first after nature. brave women of all times; Rachel Carson with the DDT, Lois Gibbs of the Love Canal, Sandra Steingraber with the Illinois cancer clusters, Karen Silkwood in her Plutonium nuclear plant, Judith Hefland and her cancer from vinyl, and Erin Brockovich's investigation on Chromium IV.... they all risked their lives to show what is right and wrong to the men dominating society and were successful.
Now that i think about it, I am very fortuned that I did not grow in a western culture but of the Oriental east. Asia is very strict and yes it is male dominating, however, we women are given power and respect throughout history.

so what is spring? i would ask someone and a biologist would answer; breeding season for all living animals. a psychologist would answer; a warming and wakening up from the long winter - time to gain confidence. then a geographer like myself would answer; warming up of the world and cycling of pollutants and water.

but as a cynically eternal sad clown, spring to me is nothing. the western culture that i am living in is just getting worse. more people with guns and ill-mind sets. crimes everywhere and victims elsewhere.

the planet is suffering and so are we.
spring no longer means anything to us since we are too blinded by our actions and the social norms the media sets.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

april showers

i hate it when it rains.
thursday was really sunny and so i sat outside and skipped work. i just chilled and enjoyed the weather, really. my class even convinced the professor that we should do work outside at the green (which is a grassy space right outside the main building and the geo building). we didnt do much other than just chitterchatter.

its saturday and i finished my articles for tmw's internship so now im just waiting for my nails to dry up so i can take out my laundry from the dryer.
maybe i will do another round of drying coz i have so many things inside that small machine.

i listen to hiphop and feel happy, then some songs i relate to myself and feel sad or happy.

last night was gala day and gala here is like the biggest event and everyone goes there. last year, my roomie and i couldnt watch because of the lack of seats. but this year, we started lining up at like...5 (and the event was at 7) lol. was great, except my expectations were a bit too high that i wasnt that amazed. but i saw lotsa alumnus and some upperclassmen who i dnt really see on campus. <3>

i have to write an 8page paper by friday but im not in the mood at all. ugh ... i mean i did  most of the readings but i guess i dnt know what they were about - since it was ages ago lol

I will work on my paper next tuesday on spree day or something - why? because I want to relax today. im so restless these days and its annoying me. but i dont have boy problems anymore so thats all good.

79 more days till i fly back and im just really excited . sorta.

blah~ april showers, i hate i hate. 

check out that site for lotsa info! <3 

Sunday, April 6, 2008

how's it going ?


でも、(ぜんぜん違う話、)KPって人がいてマジストーカーっぽいんだ~ 「もう電話しないで」って何回も言ったのに何も聞いてくれない。最初はちょっとOCDな人だな~っと思ってたけど、今はもう頭が痛くなるくらい。
私は彼のことが好きではないのになぜ?i told him already that im not interested でもhe's trying so hard to get me to like him. it wont work. never.
でも、straight up 「私はその気が有りません」っと言った


anyways 今夜はレポートを終わらせて早く寝るようにしよう~






Friday, April 4, 2008

Hello [Spring], Goodbye [Winter]

Week 12 of Spring Semester,
finally spring decided to come join us...

Today, in like 5hrs 40 minutes, i have an exam...damn, i am scared, but i've been studying a lot. hopefully this time, it will reflect on my grades.

ive been wanting to post an entry here, but i havent had time and now thta im on the site, i cant remember what ive been wanting to write. so i'll revisit later on.