Wednesday, May 7, 2008


hi and goodbye,

i am officially done with my second year of college, and i still have two more years to go until i recieve my undergraduate degree.

exams this semester wasn't intense as last semester's - in fact, i had no exams, but endless papers and presentations which i confidently did. and i hope my grades reflect on my hardwork.

so i was just doing laundry, and i felt somewhat nostalgic -
i am done with sophomore year but in my second year of college, i experienced "first-year" life. meaning to say that i did not have a freshie life before - i was surrounded by many people who were warm hearted and had lots to offer. now, i do have many people in my life who has lots to offer, but now that my best friend isnt here, i feel lonely, felt like im back in my first semester at college, just that it was longer.

this semester, i never got the motivation to do anything, to work, enjoy, parties, whatever. really.
i feel weird and odd, off-guard all the time. i feel sad too.

i have gone thru good and bad like many, but mainly, this semester i found myself arguing and thinking, laughing and crying about guy problems. problems which i rarely encountered in my previous life back in asia. just that this time was intense.

other than that, i am left with boxes undone and 50% of my room still unpacked
i miss everything and everyone. school is so deserted already and im lonely. i wana be in love.

or is this because ive been watching too many dramas the past 4 days? (i completed 3 japanese dramas; Hotaru no Hikari, Sasaki fusai no jinginai tatakai, and First kiss) all love stories.

after watching Hotaru no Hikari, it made me think that i myself is a himono-onna. dried up till the bones, no love, just working my way through the unlit tunnels....

pst, wtf, .