Saturday, August 23, 2008

i feel broken.

i feel splinters in my back

i dont know why.

i miss the summer fun, the long adventerous nights

hasnt ended yet, but where do i go to search for the painless world?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Pier One

Pier One last night!

Had so much fun last night. I picked up S from his place again to head to pier one - our hang out place. We told J to come later so that S and I could have a lil chitchat (chismis) like we used to. It was really fun, got to catch up on each other. One hour went by so quickly when J and his gang came. lol.

D, W, and Je came along. so we moved chairs and kept drinking and smoking. (S and I were sharing a pack and we smoked everything by the end of the night). We all talked and caught up with each other's uni life. W goes to La Salle, Je isnt going to school because he quit his business major last semester and isnt going to school till next feb, then D goes to Brock U and he's ... just D lol. still the old him but have matured a lot from elementary hahahaha!

G came and he was still him. same old from grade 1! He goes to La Salle too with W. Then about an hour later, C joined (goes to Suffolk, so close by!) the crowd grew big and it was really fun. Although at first, S didnt seem like he was having fun, but Je and I kept on trying to cheer him up. S and I shared beer and a blue margarita pitcher and yea by the end of the night, I was half way to getting tipsy. S who is a nice guy kept worrying about me since i was getting mad about C and J lol. (now is all good though).

S said "i'm so nice, i spent every free period with you at OA" then i was like ..? then he added "coz i had nothing better to do" *ouch* lol
but if i think about it, its true how he visited me during OA back in senior year. guess i liked that bit of senior year - only that. Math, English, ..... and other classes i hated. OA was fun. lol.

M (who goes to La Salle as well), joined in 10 minutes before S and I went home. sigh, a mini reunion. our pack of marlb menthol lights went out in less than 4 hours. was so fun. very fun.

I dropped S back to his place and then I felt sad because he's leaving tomorrow and our barkada members aren't here in the philippines. we'll prolly never meet again in one place. last summer was the first and the last with all the fun. i feel sad.

Next winter break, if I do come back to the philippines (which i really really hope), i get to fly back to the states with S (if schedules do agree). but if mom wont let me, i will save money and fly there just so i can fly back to the US with him and not alone lol. then he said "if nt, then i'll save money and go to boston".
would be so fun.

speaking of boston, D asked me what i do in boston. I said shop. theres nothing to do other than shop.
then W joined and he said newbury? lol.
of course W, i do go to newbury.

i miss last night already. if only i didnt have a curfew, i wouldve had more fun. if only....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NRT > MNL (and ISM visit with S and J)

"NW 001" was my flight back to Manila from Japan yesterday. I sat in the emergency exit row with my mom and some random guy who laughed and cried and sang to his iPod nano.

And because the passengers sitting in the emergency exit row, we sit facing the cabin attendants. And omg, this cabin attendant with the name plate "JON" ....!! 熱い! I saw him sitting down even before the doors were closed and the chief CA lady was like telling him something and he was walking around and got on his seat when the plane started running for take off. lol so scary.

Anyways. so yes, I am back in Manila, Philippines. My brother left for Detroit on the same day and my mom has been sad because he left.... Oh well, 3 months and a bit, and we'll all be back in one house.

Being back is somewhat special - especially if I only have 11days to spend. Here is where my time managing skills come into play. Mornings and early afternoons, I usually spend in my house or running simple errands and in the afternoon and at night, im usually out with friends. Every other night, I'm out and the nights that I'm not seen in public, that means I'm at home spending quality time watching tv or drinking tea lol.
Then the day before my departure, I stay home, pack all day and chill. Try to sleep early but somewhat get excited or nervous about the long endless flights that I will be facing.

My mom says Clark is too far, and I agree. But I can't do anything about it.

-------- A whole day has past, I am still thinking of what to write ----

I went to school today with my two friends from High school - S and J. I picked S up from his mansion and off we drove to starbucks nearby school where J was waiting for us. J really dropped some pounds - for a second, i thought i was saying hi to the wrong person ... but twas J himself.

Then we talked and drove off to school - J was flaunting his new Caddie Escalade while S and I were just driving to school in my car. School visit was fun, but towards the end, we were informed with some tragic news of our very own upperclassmen's sudden death. (Rest in Peace *prays*)

S was kind of annoyed at J's presence and I felt bad, because J wasn't planning to join us till last minute. So yes, I decided to make up for it tomorrow night when we meet at our wall of fame.
Yes, what I've been waiting for - for 7 whole months!!!

Sigh, I'm tired. I shall rest after I eat some dinner.

*C.T., rest in peace*

Sunday, August 10, 2008

言葉に出来ない loving you
言葉に出来ない loving you
今も何も変われずに miss you
言葉に出来ない loving you
今も何も変われずに miss you
言葉に出来ない loving you まだ
言葉に出来ない loving youまだ
っま、さておき、今姫は日本にいる 半年ぶりに日本に帰ってきた。
日本に来た時は 「あ~早く帰りたいな~」っと思ってたけど何か疲れてきた

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Two words. "ITS HOT!"

So the monsoon season is finally gone, summer is here and I can hear children running around the neighborhood.

Yesterday, I found an English class (not big enough to call a school), while I was walking back home from buying groceries. The English class was called "ENGLISH TIME". Through the huge plate of transparent window, I saw a Canadian (probably from all the Canadian flags being pasted on the wall) teacher and some Japanese adults (perhaps college students).

They were all doing something, so I left and headed back home.

I rarely see foreigners in my area. Well, I'm living away from Tokyo right now. But the area where my grandparents live, theres lots of foreigners farming and making pots enjoying and learning their zen sphere.

I guess this area is like half way - not enough people to call it a city, not enough space to harvest crops or plant trees..bleh.

It's so hot here, today's the first hottest day since summer started this year. It's already 36 degrees C (I dont know in F). It's so hot, but I guess I like the heat. Right now is 2:45pm, I just came back from sitting outside in my garden and eating ice cubes hahaha.


i'm also not feeling well. i feel like a rusted robot.