Saturday, January 26, 2008

"a whole lot of nothing" - taken from my brother.

quoting my brother, "a whole lot of nothing".

nothing much is going on here and there. was supposed to go see cloverfield two weeks ago but then i guess time doesnt allow.
i havent done much, really. just been caught up with work like crazy. work meaning school work that is.
i need to get a job too, but i dont know where to find and how to find jobs on campus.

been telling all my lalaki-kwento to my good friend and noticed that he's really looking out for me like a lil sister. so that was really nice of him. :)

omg, i have so many things to do. i hate it. i need to start doing homework. argh. bleh. sigh

i watched exte (extentions), this japanese horror movie 2007. was okay, kinda not scary but more like...disturbing.

thats about it, watched my friend do his dance performance with his friends. that was neat, really. i dont want to talk ahead of myself but im really looking forward to monday. been putting it off for a loooooong time. so yea. bleh

spring break, i want it so much. gotta see my best friend!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

im just so tired.
first week of school came and went with lots of drama caused by me, affecting no more than 5 people lol.

so first week of school, i had 3 papers due already with tearful of readings.
i still have 15 more weeks of school left.... i kno, it just began and i am already doing the countdown.

i feel like this semester will be long. and by long, i mean LONG.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

clark, 4th semester.

"kimi dake wo aishiteiruno~" -unmei no hito.

school began. havent had time to actually have fun in Manila.
i came back to the states 3 nights ago. things are just so weird. unexpected things happening and im in both physical and emotional pain.
physical pain - i fell in the snow and now, i have one huge ugly bruise and cant move my wrist.... then jetlag....
emotional pain - well duh, im homesick. im never strong and its something i really want to change this year.

my packages came (from japan and elsewhere) and i made 3 trips back and forth to the mail room. my arms are just so nerve-less lol.

"little do she know, she's just a rebound" - let it go.

my roomie is coming back tmw night and im really excited.

other than that, nothing much is going on here. just snow snow and more snow. i am now in love with Okada Masaki and Oguri Shun all over again and also the two Exile Vocals. theyre so hot. omg. hahahaha demo, theyre ojisan-tachi (the exile vocals at least) lol. Masaki and Shun are still in their early 20s so its good. hahahahaha

my love for cars are ever growing. at least cars don't cheat or run away on their own (except for crown majesta) lol.

tmw, i have 2 classes back to back from 10:25 till 1:15. argh. gona be hard. so many things to do really. i hate it. but im somewhat looking forward to my Research Methods class. ><
all my classes this sem are hard, HARD AND HARD. i hate literature.

song for the week: "Returner - yami no shuuen -" by Gackt (damn, he looks hot with kara-kon). lol

Saturday, January 5, 2008

le premiere

First of all, Happy 2008 to all yous out there.

My winter vacation is about to end so soon and I noticed that I haven't posted anything. So here I am, spending some time thinking of what to type - my first entry of this year.

Ive been coping with not seeing my good friends and not being able to chat with them. . . When I got to the Philippines, I've been chatting and texting and calling them every now and then (like every 2hrs) and I was pushed away from missing them mentally. Now that I think about it, I feel like I miss them physically. Kinda sad, but its part of life.

I'll be seeing them soon enough - one of them being my room mate, i'll get to see her when she's back. The other friend living an hour away (by car), sadly, i still dont own a licence or a car so I need to save money for it. Then my bestest friend recently moved away to the other side of the country so I wont be seeing him until spring break. which is a long way to go since I'm so used to seeing him around 24/7.

I am a simple person - I act like a little baby where the baby misses its parent or toy. kinda sad, but this is me.

Ive grown to be like this. Ive grown in a family where parents give 120% attention to my brother and whats around and 8% attention to me and it changed when my brother graduated from college. I started recieving more attention but nothing beats the attention they give to my brother. I've always tried hard to get attention from them any kind of attention- whether that was a scolding attention or a praising one.

My life was breaking apart and now, my new found friends glued the broken pieces back together. I felt like I belonged here. Felt like I was alive.

Lets see how things result this semester.

btw, grades came out. Very dissappointed with my expository writing. But Im proud of my music.


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